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Prose Seating

Tandem Comfort

Prose Seating

A Cohesive Ensemble

Prose Seating

Public Hospitality

Feels Like Home

Public space seating often takes on an institutional look and feel, resulting in rigid, weighty, and austere solutions. Prose strives to bring a residential manner to public space through its relaxed posture, subtle curvature, and warm materials.

A Collection Concept

Shared parts do not always result in a great collection. Prose was designed with consideration to the whole, as well as the individual. Design decisions were influenced by the scale, durability, and performance needs of each product type along with their efficacy as an ensemble. The result: a shared DNA across a high performing family.

All for One

The Prose Collection covers all major seating types – allowing the right product for each application. From tandem seating to folding chairs to sofas, Prose is logically concise yet broad enough to serve all applications.

For Public Space

Generic commercial products lack the construction integrity necessary for Public Spaces. While Prose is inspired by classic residential forms and geometry, it adheres to standards for Public Space; resilient finishes, removable arm caps, solid wood construction.

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